2017 Survey

We’re starting the new year and want to find out what inspires the Lodge members. Please provide your feedback in the form below. In Friendship, Love and Truth!

San Pablo Lodge #43 Member Survey 2017
Remember our mission to "To help make the world a better place to live by aiding each other, the less fortunate, the youth, the elderly, the environment and the community in every way possible."
You get to wear those funny antique robes and stuff!
Meeting Times: Some members have indicated difficulty attending Monday meetings, so we're asking which days work best for everyone. One proposal is two business meetings per month; one social event; and one week free for committee meetings, degree work or other activities. Final changes require a Lodge vote.
*10:30-ish - time to be voted on by the Lodge
(Something like Chinese food, pasta or pizza for a small, sliding scale donation to cover cost)