Stained Glass

There are eight double hung, stained glass windows on the second floor level of the street facing sides of the building.  Some, like the one pictured here, span the 2nd floor and the mezzanine or balcony level of the building.

The wooden window frames on the south side of the building are the most badly deteriorated.  The bottoms of which are badly dry-rotted, compromising the support for the glass.
We believe these windows replaced some earlier leaded glass windows of the same shape during the 1922 building remodel. Lead and/or zinc cames that hold the glass pieces in place typically last about 100 years, which now in 2019 is only 3 years away. The collapse of the wooden frames has accelerated their deterioration.
We may be able to forestall the restoration of the windows on the west side of the building by servicing the wooden frames, but the four on the south side are approaching critical condition.

The Historic San Pablo Hall Preservation Project